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Sheba Wilson

Sheba Wilson is the CEO of Sheba Wilson Training Ltd., a full service corporate training, executive coaching and leadership development company and She LEAD HR Solutions, an HR tech software to streamline recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement and retention initiatives for organizations.

She is a Bestselling Author of the Amazon International Number 1 Bestseller, Get Up & LEAD which was released on August 20, 2022, and, she has co-authored Voices for Leadership along with 39 other leaders throughout the globe.

Productivity, performance, profitability. Sheba Wilson knows how to get the best out of every person in your organization, and she does it all in an interactive and engaging way. Sheba’s magnetic presence pulls audiences in, as they learn eye-opening, inspirational, and motivational tactics for becoming better leaders and a better part of their organization as a whole. In the business sector, strong leadership culture leads to high employee engagement and high employee retention. Sheba can inspire real change that will turn your organization into a well-oiled machine full of happy, fulfilled individuals who know how to communicate and work well together. This is Sheba’s recipe for success!

A Cornell University alumni with decades of experience in the corporate world, Sheba blends personal experience with professional savvy in every presentation. Sheba has over 10 years of experience in large-scale human resources departments and has risen to become a C-level executive in the hospitality industry. Her corporate leadership produces higher employee satisfaction and a consistently high employee retention rate. As an Executive Director of Maxwell Leadership Team, she is certified to facilitate, speak, train, and coach individuals and groups. She is also a DISC certified trainer and consultant.

Sheba believes in authenticity and sharing personal experiences along with her time-tested leadership principles. A widow and mother of four, she knows firsthand how hardship and pain can channel your greatest strength. It’s no surprise, then, that her highly regarded podcast, SheWil LEAD (Live Everyday Above Defeat) empowers female professionals by highlighting women who have overcome challenges to live every day above defeat. Listeners are drawn to SheWil LEAD for principled, proven, and trusted leadership advice and training.

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