Birthing Purpose Through Pain Series: HerStory. A Journey to Purpose

Women are exceptionally versatile and resilient beings. Today we begin a series called, Birthing Purpose Through Pain which highlights HerStory, focusing on Women who have endured lost, overcome hopelessness, found great purpose in their pain and are now using it effectively in ministry and business by ENCOURAGING, INSPIRING & EMPOWERING others.
Today’s Guest is Dr. LaTarsha Holden. As Founder and CEO of Phoenix Rising, Dr. LaTarsha Holden has written books, created workshops, inspirational speaking and empowerment coaching that has transformed and changed the trajectory of countless men and women lives.
Dr. Holden is a 13x published author. Dr. Holden continues her journey by providing a practical blueprint for success drawn directly from her personal life experiences. She ran for City Council in “2017,” and went from a GED to receiving her Doctorate in Leadership Studies.
Dr. Holden’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life from being homeless with six children, uneducated and underemployed to a sought after speaker is her inspiration for reaching back to teach others that they have the Power to Rewrite their Story!
Dr. Holden’s story is one of persistence and success. She has received many accolades and has been featured on Major News network as she was named Ga./ National Mother of the Year for “2020,” by American Mother’s Inc. She is the 85th woman in U.S. history to hold the title as National Mother of the Year.
Among the prestigious awards and honors bestowed upon Dr. Holden she was featured in the Heart of A Champion docu-series by the Women’s Professional Basketball Association. She received a Proclamation as an Emerging Leader in the city of Atlanta. She has received the distinct honor as Ambassador for her humanitarian work. She’s been featured in several magazines, interviewed on countless radio broadcast and she was nominated for National Top Influencer for “2020.”


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