The Real & Relevant Role of the Male: Home, Business & Community

On today’s episode we are joined by Mr. Drexwell Seymour to discuss the topic, The Real and Relevant Role of the Male: In the Home, Business and Community. Drexwell is an Accountant by profession and owns and operates HLB TCI Limited, one of the fastest growing Accounting Firms in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He and his wife Joanna, also operate a property management company, See More TCI Villas. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Drexwell has found his life’s purpose, which is to inspire, influence and educate others. He does this through his weekly writing on community affairs and spiritual development, YouTube Channel and Radio Talk Show, Financially Speaking. He is also father to five children, one daughter and four sons.
The global landscape of the Family and traditional gender roles and even Biblical gender roles has evolved over the years. We have also experienced some of those changes here in our small island nation of the Turks and Caicos Islands.
In 2014 the European Union began a working paper series entitled Families and Societies: Changing Families and Sustainable Societies. An excerpt from the paper reads, “The major trends in family structures and their shifts over the past decades are well known: Fertility rates have declined and childbearing occurs later and more often outside marriage; marriage, too, has been postponed and is more often foregone, and couple relationships – both marital and non-marital ones – have become more fragile. These changes have led to increasingly complex family compositions and to a growing diversity of family forms and relationships over the life course. The new family trends and patterns have been paralleled by changes in gender roles, especially an expansion of the female role to include economic provision for a family, and lately also transformation of the male role with more intense involvement in family responsibilities, especially care for children. We recognize that the family is a dynamic entity, with increasing complexity with respect to decision-making processes regarding transitions over the family life course and organization of family life. Indeed, the family cannot be described simply as a set of well-defined roles any more, it is negotiated on a daily basis, constructed by interactions between partners at the micro-level and influenced by macro structures in the political and economic sphere. Work and family lives increasingly influence each other as both women and men engage in earning as well as caring activities, often reinforced by employment instability and precariousness. Gender relations and related values and attitudes have become more fluid, changing dynamically over the life course in the context of blurring boundaries of family and work life.”
Join us for this important conversation.
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